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Our Travel Guide is designed for the historian, scholar, student or interested person who wishes to explore the sites, sounds, and flavors associated with White Rose resistance. Most especially, for those who desire to do so on an in-depth, unsugarcoated level.

We've gone beyond the Lichthof at the university and the burial plots in Perlacher Forest (although those are included as well). With our travel guide, you can recreate the path they took on a moonless night, painting Down with Hitler on Munich's city streets. You can see for yourself where they grew up, where they spent time, where they ate. Where their useless attorneys had their offices.

Munich, Ulm, Saarbrücken, and Other Germany - we've created password-protected pages for those who've purchased either version of the travel guide. Here we will add your updates and comments, new photographs, comments from our readers that may be helpful to you. And the links to our four customized Google maps, so you can download or bookmark for iPod or BlackBerry.

We hope you enjoy this addition to our White Rose work. Sometimes the only way you can really comprehend their environment is to become part of it.

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To purchase the version that is customized to your itinerary and personality, click here.

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