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Our Journal

Exclamation! Publishers and Center for White Rose Studies jointly publish a quarterly journal entitled Roses at Noon. This new periodical joins three earlier publications: The "hard copy" of the quarterly newsletter; Common Ground; and Leaflets of Our Resistance. First issue date: November 2012. Thereafter, February - May - August.

The magazine features (among other things) essays about Holocaust survivors, about those who resisted during the Shoah, and words that bring justice. Additionally, we solicit articles and personal essays that contribute to the cause of finding common ground between religions, races.

We also accept well-written poetry (though we are very picky!) and photography related to resistance during the Third Reich, and informed dissent.

See our submission guidelines (click here for submission guidelines) before contacting us.

This is our favorite publication, and it's definitely easiest to successfully query us for any of the above.

We're keeping up the old Leaflets of Our Resistance and Common Ground pages, as it should give you a good idea of our goals for these topics. Note too that the journal will enable us to publish your essays on topics found in our Call for Papers.

Any questions, please ask!
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