Center for
              White Rose

Our Friends

The following individuals and corporations are members of the Center for White Rose Studies. The number following the membership designation represents the number of years that person or company has supported us at that level.
As this list grows, so does our work!

Ron Black, Friend
Dr. Christopher Blodi, Learner
Daniel Boukhris, Apprentice
Mina Star Boukhris, Apprentice
Sherrill Calvert, Learner (*)
Dr. Gary Charlestein, Apprentice
Dr. Clare Colquitt, Scholar (*)
Donald Dembling, Companion (4)
Joseph and Nilly Doron, Learner (2)
Dr. David Dowdey, Learner (2)
Theresa Gold, Apprentice
Dr. Enoch Gordis, Learner
Timothy G. Hansen, Learner
Jörg Hartnagel, Learner
Denise Heap, Scholar (3)
Joyce Heap, Companion (3)
Allen Hindin, Apprentice
Michael Kaufmann, Friend
Dr. Arnold Krammer, Friend
Darell and Elizabeth Krasnoff, Neighbor
Paul and Daphne Laudadio, Learner (*)
Arlene Markind, Apprentice
Ernest and Julia Martin, Co-Worker (*)
Dr. Helen McConnell, Friend (1), Companion (1), Scholar (1)
Gwen Miertschin, Friend, Scholar
John Miertschin, Friend, Scholar
Dr. Armin Mruck, Friend
Lester and Cheri Neal, Learner (*)
Wolfgang and Carol Paasch, Apprentice
Alan Reinach, Apprentice
Dr. Stephani Richards-Wilson, Friend (3), Learner (1)
Jo Schmidt, Learner, Supporter, Co-Worker
Pete Schwager, Learner, Companion, Learner (*)
Thomas Speelhoffer, Scholar
Dan and Julia Tremble, Apprentice, Learner (2)
Mary Walsh, Friend
Terese Winson, Learner
Anika Young (and parents), Learner
Dr. Armin Ziegler, Scholar

(* - In memory of Joyce Marie Light Heap)

If we have inadvertently left your name off this list, please contact us so we may correct the oversight. Thank you!

We have qualified for matching gifts from the following corporations:

ExxonMobil Corporation
Our membership levels:

Apprentice - $18.00
Friend - $36.00
Learner - $72.00
Companion - $180.00
Scholar - $360.00
Supporter - $720.00
Co-Worker - $1,800.00
Neighbor - $5,000.00
Mentor - $18,000.00

To join our team, donate now or support our work however you can!

Thank you, merci, gracias, takk, dankeschön, xiexie, köszönöm, toda raba, to everyone who stands with us.

Donations of books, documents, supplies, equipment, or services (in alphabetical order):

CAL Thermoplastics, Inc.
Ulrich Chaussy
Dartmouth Library
Mike de Martino
Philippe DeLannoy
DEHeap Enterprises, Inc.
Donald Dembling
Christian Dorris
Eurasia Foundation
Dr. J. Forster
The Forster family
Dr. R. Freudenberg
Lieselotte Fürst-Ramdohr
Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand
Dr. R. Gerngross
The Geyer Family, Ulm
Günter Haenssler
Jörg Hartnagel
Denise Heap
Jason Heap
Dr. W. Huber
Intuit, Inc.
Dr. Inge Jens
Michael Kaufmann
Anneliese Knoop-Graf
Carrie Kuhlman
Tracy Lehr
Lion Feuchtwanger Library
D. B. Markind
Martin-Luther-Kirche, Ulm
Dr. Traute Page
John Parker
Mark M. Pierce
Domenic Saller
Dr. Erich Schmorell
Bruce Somers
Thomas Speelhoffer
Staples Office Supplies, Inc.
Weisse-Rose-Institut e.V.
Dr. Armin Ziegler

If we have inadvertently left your name off this list, please contact us so we may correct the oversight. Thank you!
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