Center for
              White Rose

Mission Statement

The Center for White Rose Studies is dedicated to preserving the memories of those who courageously opposed the crimes of National Socialism, using their lives and work as a springboard to address the issues of informed dissent in a civilized society.

We strive to accomplish this mission through multi-faceted programs:

  • Making available public speakers for synagogues, churches, high schools, colleges, civic centers, and corporate groups.
  • Digging for "lost" or hard-to-find archival information on lesser-known German, Jewish, Polish, French, Russian, Dutch, Albanian, and other freedom fighters during the Shoah, and translating documents into English for American researchers.
  • Assembling historians and other experts to annual conferences, centering on the topic of resistance movements in the Third Reich and practical applications of their actions in 21st century global politics.
  • Distributing research materials by recognized scholars and young historians in the area of research into primary source documents.
  • Establishing a research facility and library that will act as living museum to the words and ideas of those who died or were arrested for the courage of their convictions.
  • Providing assistance to public school teachers who wish to use the White Rose resistance movement as a pedagogic tool in German, Hebrew, social studies, civics, world history, and interdisciplinary courses.
  • Encouraging dialog between the Jewish and German communities, building on the good foundation of works as diverse as Aktion Sühnezeichen, Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN, and DIG (the German-Israel chamber of commerce).
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