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Submission guidelines


We accept articles or essays related to Holocaust education, including but not limited to biographies of and interviews with Holocaust survivors or individuals and groups that resisted the Nazi regime. Additionally, we look for essays about related, interdisciplinary topics - e.g. the ethics of resistance. If you need ideas, please check out our Call for Papers to see the sort of topics that most interest us. Use this simply as a starting point - we welcome fresh ideas too!

We also accept well-written essays and poetry about the beautiful life cycles that touch us every day, especially as related to living an ethical life, standing up for justice and liberty for all.
Recommended essay length: 750 - 4500 words. Longer articles will be accepted if it is possible to "halve" them for use in back-to-back journals (a "to be continued" essay), or if the subject matter is powerful enough to maintain reader interest in the longer article.

Special notes regarding our preferences:

For Holocaust-related topics, your query stands a better chance of acceptance if it does NOT concern Scholl-centric White Rose, Valkyrie (July 20, 1944), or Bonhoeffer. We have already done those - unless you bring something radically new to the table, we probably won't publish something about those topics.

We prefer real-life experience over theory. We'll accept philosophical or theological treatises only if your work says someting new. NO religious slants that are exclusive in nature (e.g. triumphalist Christianity). We will not consider any work that seeks to blame the Shoah on German or Jewish "sinfulness".

We do not pay royalties. All profits from this publication are put back into the work of the Center for White Rose Studies. Should we ever reach a place where our circulation exceeds 2,500 paid subscribers, we will send you a "charitable donation" calculation for the amount of your royalties (calculated at 15% pro rata of the retail price) that you would have earned, but that were donated to CWRS.
As with our other publications, please contact us for mailing address or email address. We do NOT accept faxed queries. We also will delete without opening any emailed query with an attached document. Please type the entire query into the body of your email.
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