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September 23, 2011


Anti-Hitler resistance heroes launch on Twitter

     The White Rose student movement, which emerged in Munich in the summer of 1942, produced and circulated six leaflets attacking Hitler’s regime and calling for civil disobedience from the German people. In spring 1943 the movement was betrayed, six of its leading figures were executed and the rest were jailed, yet their heroism has inspired generations of young people and been celebrated ever since. But what if the movement's members could have shared their daily lives with us via the medium of Twitter?
     To promote awareness of the White Rose Ball, a benefit for the UK Holocaust Centre at which Liza Minnelli will be performing on 25 September at the Riverside Plaza in London, intended to celebrate the courage of all those who – like the White Rose movement – choose to define their lives with acts of humanity, an extraordinary new Twitter drama is launching tomorrow and will unfold over a several days with six or more tweets a day via @WhiteRoseBall. Each day can be reviewed in the Centre's blog.
     "Featuring the voices of brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl, along with Willi Graf - three of the six who were executed - the drama is based in the historical record as far as possible, drawing on diaries, letters, interrogation records and other documentation relating to the movement. Where dramatic licence has been taken, the drama sticks as closely as possible to what we know of the characters of these three individuals," says Helen Whitney, Chief Executive of The Holocaust Centre.
     Blending history and social media, this unique social media experiment in part follows the model of the Ulysses project, where parts of the James Joyce epic were retold on Twitter.
     Scriptwriter Roxanne Harvey generously gave up her free time to create the script, which also had extensive input from Denise Heap at the Center for White Rose Studies in Los Angeles, which provided consultation on the drama's historical veracity.
     For more information, contact Richard Swallow, 07515 388669, email:

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